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RISE to the occasion

Vogel’s RISE series offers a range of motorized carts and mounts that allows you to intuitively and safely adjust the height of an interactive display of up to 98". You simply have to push a button.

Safety First, the Rise Series meets the highest international safety standards and is always Quick and easy to assemble. That's how Vogel’s RISE display lifts rise to the occasion.

Vogel's. For Sure.

980mm height travel range 

QuickRise™: 80 or 50mm/s speed for displays of up to 140kg

Top-down assembly for a quick installation

Anti Collision safety mechanism

Base designed for extra safety

TÜV, CE, UL, and GS certified
Complete with handy accessories

Sustainable design and recyclable packaging

 Easy to Use


 Easy to install

Vogel’s Motorized mounts are compact, safe, sustainable, and user-friendly, so easy   This makes them ideally suited for use in educational settings, where large digiboards or touchscreens are used daily during lessons and lectures.

The intuitive operation of the Vogel’s RISE display lift system means that anyone, big or small, can work with it effortlessly. With a simple push of a button, you can safely raise/lower the display to the desired height.

Top-down installation makes the assembly of the RISE product very easy. The compact column is ready to use, you only need to attach the column to the base or to the wall. 

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