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Innovative Audio systems for professional application. 

Made in Germany


Born in 1993,  Fohhn has developed and produced innovative audio systems for professional applications for the last 30 years. Their loudspeakers, electronics, accessories, software, DSP and network technology are developed and manufactured 100% in-house by their engineering team in Nürtingen, Germany. 

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Fohhn. The expert in Beam Steering. 

European leader in Beam Steering Technology, Fohhn has the largest portfolio on the market since 2009.  

Beam steering is based on the principle of overlaying the wave fields of a large number of individual speakers (so-called wave field synthesis). Each separate speaker has its own amplifier channel and receives an individually calculated signal. All speaker drivers that are close together work in concert and form the desired sound beam according to the settings in the software.

Speech intelligibility and music clarity is dramatically improved due to the precise coverage control and the reduction of side lobes. 

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Market & Applications



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